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City: Madurai

Marudhamalai hill temple / Perur Siva Temple/ Vydehi water falls/ Vellingiri Hill temple / KovaiKutralam falls / The Siruvani falls / SreeAyyappan Temple / AnubhaviSubramaniar temple / The Monkey falls / Isha Yoga Ashram / EachanariVinayagar Temple/ Brookefields Mall / Masani Amman Temple / Gedee Car Museum/ Ramar Temple / VOC Park & Zoo / Aliyar Dam Reservoir Park.


Day 1

10/1/2020We started from Madurai at 5.oo am early morning with 36 students +2faculty and 2 staff from MET and On the bus, all are Dancing & enjoying and that was a wonderful song. It is a line pill for recovering myself from nature and on the way, we had breakfast in Oddanchatram and then we reached Coimbatore at 7.00 am after we are enjoying nature with the sweetest songs. 

       Then our students started moving to Industrial Visits in Diamond city. It was like a village place and I had ever seen it. It was an awesome infrastructure. In the building windows were small boxes like that and they are excited to see that structure. The building is built by British people and I thought so…Then we move to the place called  Globus. And it was like an Apartment. The apartment was around by green scenery and windows were Cage like that and the students are enjoying the cage by looking into the window. In those two places, they learned was an ancient building structure and architect what they used and in future what can be implemented is given a lecture by the teacher.

       After they had a  crispy Non–veg food lunch (unlimited). Then we started moving up the RS Shelter and that place also neat and clean. Finally, we move to the Hotel. The hotel's appearance was attracted so many students. At the place, they had dinner. Then all our friends went to sleep.

Day- 2

11/1/2020-Getup in the morning and played with their friends. Then we have taken a lot of selfies.

”Memories are shield by a single photo” – Sara

Then, we move to Isha Yoga. The place was absolutely silent. I cannot see ever that kind of place. I think that I was dreaming or not and somebody gossip. And no one speaks in this place and some people holding stick board on that in writing” Keep Silence”. Some foreigners are working in the place. We are doing 30 minutes of Yoga. There was something different that happens in me both physically and mentally.

”When you don’t go within, you go without”

These lines are knocking at my mind. In the place, we saw two Shiva’s statues and one statue is Shiva lingam another one is the god Shiva is meditating .the two statues are tell lots of stories. Then we are going shopping. At the place and some students took selfies and on the way, we had lunch and dinner. Finally, we reach Madurai at 11.00 pm with wonderful memories….



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As Keeladi site turns into tourist attraction, officials restrict entry

City: Madurai

keeladi latest news about tourism and sightseeing

The Keladi (Keezhadi) excavation site on the banks of Vaigai river in Sivaganga district, where archaeological evidences show the site to be the home of most ancient civilisation in the country, has seen a sudden surge in tourists arrivals, almost hampering the excavation work. The site, located about 12 km southeast of Madurai, indicating an urban settlement of Sangam age, has turned into a tourist attraction luring several thousands of visitors.

On Thursday alone 10,000 persons had descended upon the village to see history unfurling before them, thus totally taking the 25 workers involved in excavation besides a handful of guides by surprise. Following this, the State archaeology department has been constrained to impose restrictions upon the visitors.

Admitting that the footfalls at the site has been increasing from 3,500, 8000 and touched 10,000 on Thursday, Tamil Culture and Archaeology Minister K. Pandiarajan, said, “there are only 25 workers involved in digging at the 2-acre land leased out to carry out further excavations. Just imagine the situation when 10,000 persons stand at the site. Also, the drizzle has made the soil slushy.”

Owing to the unprecedented surge of visitors, who also included school students besides foreigners, the Archaeology department has resorted to temporarily restrict the timing of visit to only 10 am to 11.30 am. Though taking into account the interest evinced by the people, the department had arranged 5 guides to conduct them around.

“But despite this we are finding it difficult to continue our activities. We are also bound to keep up the deadline of completing the excavation within two weeks,” the Minister explained.

The fifth phase of excavation was supposed to have been completed by September end. The State Archaeology Department has sought permission to conduct the sixth phase excavation in Manalur, Konthagai and Agaram villages, which are close to Keezhadi.

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Trip to Kadaikanal with Architecture student by Madurai eco tourism

City: Madurai

Kodaikanal/Dum Dum Falls / Silver Cascade Falls / Pillar Rocks / Green Velley /Golf Course / Upper Lake View / Kodai Lake Boating / Byrant Park / Flora And FaunaMuseum / Astrophysical Observatory/ Coaker's Walk / Kurinji Andavar Temple / Palani View Point/ Guna Cave/ Bear shola Water falls


Day 1

9/1/2020We started from Madurai at 5.oo am early morning with 45 students +3 faculty and 3 staff from MET and on the way, we had breakfast in vathalagundu and then we reached at Kodaikanal at 9.00 am after a lovely ride through the beautiful hill, enjoying the nature. 

  Then our students started moving to Industrial Visits in Hill Country and what they learned was an ancient building structure and architect what they used and in future what can be implemented is given lecture by the teacher.

      While entering the Hill Country we came across with different U-turns path, which gives a new experience for us in that place in Kodaikanal. The buildings are covered by the plants in the Kodaikanal hills area. There we can saw the different flowers and plants. Suddenly we heard the different sounds, so we are Eagar to hear the sound and where it was played. In the building corner, one person was playing the Guitar, from we are seeing this thing suddenly one had thought of a coffee house like John Dryden. Now we started moving up. It's little bit hard to climb up, so 5 to 6 members were asked to get down from the bus, & everyone enjoyed that situation and had a  friendly fight  I  will go first & I will go at last diver asked to get the front people to get down, then our bus started moving up, finally, we reach the hotel for lunch(unlimited food) then we visited  Thamboora … it looks like a  palace. There we saw three faceless statues, there also we saw the different flowers in that same building we can see the romantic restaurant with outdoor games if we want we can have fun there, foundations are made are things made through waste woods. Experienced a mist like a frozen and we started the move to our Boompaarai hill resort .we had dinner with a campfire, we danced and enjoyed a lot.

Hide and seek playing indoors and outdoors games were provided, we all played without age limit. That place surrounded with mist in that situation we are searching for the fire at the time, we gave a surprise “Campfire arranged for students” they started to dance and enjoyed. Enjoying by making different steps of the dance and asked others to join it.then all our friends went to sleep.

Day- 2

10/1/2020-Getup in the morning and played with dogs there are more than dogs. Then we have taken a lot of selfies.

”A single photo is the value of a thousand memories”


 Then, we check out from the resort on the way and on the way we had a breakfast in the restaurant at t last we visited the Kodaikanal lake, there we enjoyed the boat ride /horse ride/ cycling/gun shooting / that half had a cycling and half people purchased finally we started moving to Madurai on the way we have lunch in vathalagundu. Then we reach Madurai at 10.00 pm with sweet memories….





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